Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter

How does the system do all that?

As the water enters your property the first step is the treatment of the calcium & magnesium. This is where the action starts. This is made possible with the use of a Limetron water conditioner. As the water passes through the Limetron water conditioner, the adhesive components around the mineral particles in your water are separated, then as the water flows out of the Limetron water conditioner, the mineral particles are free from the adhesive components. This then stops the mineral particles and salts from adhering to your pipes and appliances and blocking them up ensuring a shorter life. Over time you should also see old scale & rust build up removed from throughout your system.

But the real beauty with the Environmentally Friendly Limetron water conditioner is the calcium & magnesium is still present in the water, so you still have the benefit of consuming these beneficial minerals. They just don’t stick to everything any more.

Just be aware the conditioner cannot remove the mineral it only treats it, so if you leave a wet shower glass or glassware on the sink to drip dry once the water evaporates it will leave the mineral behind. It won’t be as harsh as untreated mineral but will be visible. Best way is to still squeegee the shower glass after a shower.

As the water flows on into the first stage of the Big Blue water filter this is where the water is screened and any sediment is removed ready for stages 2 & 3 where the high volume carbon block cartridges remove the chlorine.

Once the new conditioned water is cleansed it flows through the current of the water Magnet giving the water a Positive Charge and softening effect prior to flowing through your home.

This whole house water filter is a strong robust filter that is specifically designed for places where high flow rate is required whether for your home, commercial or industrial use. Treating water up to 60 liters per minute.

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