Scale Prevention

Scale Prevention

Why Choose Limetron®?

There are many different types of limescale prevention systems available today: chemical treatment, water softeners and water conditioners. We developed our Limetron® based on our successful industrial catalytic water conditioning method as it offers reliability, high performance, is cost effective for the consumer and has the smallest environmental impact. Fluid Dynamics catalytic system is used by homeowners, corporations and utility companies around the world with over 300,000 systems installed in over 50 countries.

Here are some reasons why we think the Limetron® is the no.1 limescale preventer available:

  • Easy to install, no earthing or bonding required, no control box or power source required.

  • The only water conditioner approved by the US government under the GSA scheme

  • Comes supplied with a 10year guarantee, has no running costs and usually provides a return on investment within 18 months


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