EuroOsmo 7400 control software

The K-7400S Semi-Micro Osmometer is a standalone device. Therefore, all functions of the instruments are accessible via the keypad. For additional storage and data management functions users can work with the EuroOsmo 7400 software. It offers a user-friendly interface to control the K-7400S Semi-Micro Osmometer via PC.

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Measurement parameters can easily be changed and sent to the instrument via the software. For each sample a temperature curve is displayed to visualize the measurement process. Samples can be named individually and the measurement results can be saved for archiving. The data can also be exported in different file formats (e.g. *.xls, ASCII or Tab delimited text files). Thus, also the import to laboratory information management systems (LIMS) is possible. Supporting the use of a barcode scanner, sample identification can be transferred automatically reducing the risk of wrong sample assignment.

We have prepared a series of video tutorials on EuroOsmo 7400. Check them out here


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