Fed up with Hard Water & Limescale?

  • Cost effective
  • Sustainable solution
  • Prevents limescale build up in your home

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What causes scale

Limescale forms in hard water areas. Calcium is an inverse soluble mineral, so generally the colder or more acidic the solution (for example cold water or water under pressure) the greater its capacity to hold dissolved calcium and bi-carbonate. The majority of WA water supply is hard. When this water is supplied to homes and used for heating or sprayed from taps the solubility changes and the water can no longer maintain the same capacity for calcium bi-carbonate and becomes over-saturated. The result is a small percentage of calcium and bi-carbonate precipitating and forming calcium carbonate (limescale) on the closest available surface.

How Limetron® Works

Limetron® utilises the catalytic method of water treatment, it has no wires, requires no power source or salt and does not add or remove anything from the water.
Inside Limetron® is the unique patented Fluid Dynamics catalytic alloy. It is made from a combination of semi-precious metals that react with water.
When water flows through Limetron® the natural conductivity of the water causes the metals to react with one another generating an electrical field on the surface of the alloy. This electrical field causes the calcium and bicarbonate ions to precipitate from the water forming an insoluble microscopic calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite.
The smooth surface of this aragonite crystal cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and is washed through the system and exits down the drain. If aragonite deposits for example through evaporation on surfaces such as shower screens the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning actions.
In most cases water treated by Limetron® will absorb existing limescale deposits.

Why Choose Limetron®?

There are many different types of limescale prevention systems available today: chemical treatment, water softeners and water conditioners. We developed our Limetron® based on our successful industrial catalytic water conditioning method as it offers reliability, high performance, is cost effective for the consumer and has the smallest environmental impact. Fluid Dynamics catalytic system is used by homeowners, corporations and utility companies around the world with over 300,000 systems installed in over 50 countries.
Here are some reasons why we think the Limetron® is the no.1 limescale preventer available:

  • Easy to install, no earthing or bonding required, no control box or power source required.
  • The only water conditioner approved by the US government under the GSA scheme
  • Comes supplied with a 10year guarantee, has no running costs and usually provides a return on investment within 18 months


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