Amino Acid Analyizer

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The ARACUS is a dedicated amino acid analyser for high end analysis of amino acids in research, food quality control (own patent 10 2016 010 887), beverages and feedstuff and in the clinical laboratory. It combines innovative technologies with the classic routine analysis of amino acids by post-column derivatization with ninhydrin and the detection at 440 nm and 570 nm using maintenance-free LED photometers. The setup of the instrument allows the continuous analysis of 96 samples (2 x 48 vials) in a cooled autosampler. The pump allows the simultaneous operation of two fluid lines (eluent line and reactive line), which guarantees a constant mixing. Eluents and reagent solution are selectively chosen through valves and are ideally mixed to each other. The addition of ninhydrin provides a quantitative analysis statement. A washing routine of the injection valve and syringe pump avoids cross contaminations.The level of the individual reagents can be monitored during the runs and warns the user if the quantity is no longer sufficient.

The data acquisition and analysis software aminoPeak or Clarity records two analogue channels simultaneously (570 nm, 440 nm). Chromatograms are shown online. Internal databases allow fast peak identification. Quantitative calculations are performed with internal or external standards, dilution and/or multiplication factors. Several analysis runs can be compared using compiler programmes. The results of each analysis are documented in an individual report.

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Technical Specifications:

  • method:

post colum derivatization with ninhydrine

  • spectroscopic detection:

LED photometers: 440 nm + 570 nm

  • detection limit:

< 2 nmol/mL

  • reproducibility of retention time:

< 0.3 % RSD

  • reproducibility of area:

.ca. 1 % RSD

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