WashablePleated Sediment Filter  20 Micron or 5 Micron

Pleated Washable Sediment Filter Pleated filters carry a much larger surface area, therefore they are able to catch a lot more debris Simply remove filter clean and re-use.This equates to a longer period of time before replacing filters.
Pleated cartridges are a very popular choice of pre-filter used prior to a finer filter.Very popular for tank water when you have a lot of debris like leaves, dirt or similar particularly after fresh rain. Best part of pleated Sediment Filter was low pressure drop and long life expectancy.

Polyspun Sediment Filter 5 Micron ,1 Micron or 0.5 Micron

These economical sediment cartridges are constructed from polypropylene which is spun and melted simultaneously. This technique means there is no centre core to restrict filter performance. Sediment filters are compatible with most liquids and are highly effective for sediment, rust, sand, silt, and algae removal. They are extremely high performing and carry a heavy load of sediment before requiring replacement. High efficiency and low on cost.

Carbon Block Filter 1 Micron 0.5 Micron

SHIELD high quality 100% Coconut Carbon filter is the exact filter we use as our front-line carbon filter. As a rule it is difficult to find 100% coconut carbon filters. Lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal based carbon. The problem with coal based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavor.  These are top of the range HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters are ideal fortreatment of organic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, andperfect for total extraction of town water chemicals.  The unique pore structure of this carbon makesimmense surface area,is well suited for chemical absorption, including VOC’s, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor. Carbon filtration is the best form of filtration for chemical extraction due to the longer and more thorough contact time the water has with the carbon, which in turn provides an extremely comprehensive method of chemical removal.Filter cartridge rated by ‘microns’. Microns are a size measurement of the pore size, the smaller the number, the tighter the filter.We HIGHLY recommend this method of filtration for chemical taste and odor extraction.

Nano Silver Carbon Block Filter

SHIELD Nano-Silver carbon is impregnated with silver for the added benefits of carbon AND the bacteriological properties of silver impregnation. Whilst carbon effectively removes odors and taste issues from water, it will leave behind microscopic metal compounds in the form of minute ash/dust particles, can become a breeding place for bacteria. Silver Impregnated Carbon is proven to stop the growth of ash/dust fed bacteria.

Same all the SHIELD carbon block range, these filters made by sintering high purity coconut activated carbon and UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene).  They provide10 times the adsorption capacity than others, top quality products over the market.

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