About Us

About Us

Welcome to LC Solutions:

We are dedicated to providing you with the components, for you to keep your home free from Limescale build up and contaminates in your water and to achieve the perfect water supply in your home. We also supply Analytical equipment for Laboratory testing.

We are a fast growing business and customer focused and aim to source the highest quality products.

LC Solutions was founded in 2017 and is based in Perth Western Australia.

In addition to the LOCAL FREE delivery, we offer an installation package for our products by an experienced and well respected plumber.


A bit about us

LC Solutions is an Australian based distributor of scientific products. We offer a high quality range of UK made water conditioning system and German made lab equipment and consumables.


What we do

We offer Sales, Service, Installations and support on all our products


Why work with us

We have many years of experience in High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Water purification and Water Conditioners within our UK Company. Our aim is to bringĀ  quality products and our expertise from our UK company to Western Australia.


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